Supplementary programme for congress

Congress in Levi is unique experiement. Experience the best parts of Lapland while having the congress. We will arrange short excursions during the day breaks and longer programme after the day. For example hiking, reindeer -, dog sledge - and snowmobile safaris can be carried out with short timing during the congress day. Together with the congress organisation we will plan the most suitable and interesting activities, that are easily booked through internet or when arriving to Levi. Distances between congress facilities and safari houses are very short, so activites are easy to arrange during the breaks.

Programme for the first evening

Get Together is comfortable way to start the congress. Naturally it is voluntary and planned for the congresses first evening. Al the participants get the change to try tyhe traditional Lappish activities and delicious food. Programme will be carried out somewhere in Levi -area, depending the number os the participants. Area is beatifully illuminated bu fires and candles. Atmosphere will be magical. Programme includes bus transfers from hotels and there will be Polar Meeting´s guides leading the group.

Get Together might include these kind of activities:

  • Reindeer or husky -ride
  • Traditional Lappish activities
  • Joiku -singing
  • Santa Claus visit
  • Gondola (ski lift) ride up to Levi fell
  • Lappish delicious are served during the evening


Restaurants will be chosen according the congress organisation´s wishes. Private coctail -dinner or banguet will be arranged usually in Lappish style or fine dineing -restaurants. It is easy to add for example some local artist or music group into the evening programme. Also bus transfers or guide -services can be handle by Polar Meetings Ltd.


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