Polar Meetings' range includes beautiful luxury cottages that are especially suitable for company groups as well as families, or for instance spending the New Year in Levi! All our accommodations are high class and functional, and can be combined with our catering services, transfers etc. All of the cottages shown below can be booked via our sales office:


Levi Cirius, 250m2, 5 bedrooms, max 10 persons

Location: Levi center

- levi_cirius_03.jpg

Aaltolevi, 300m2, 6 bedrooms, max 12 persons

Location: Levi center

Levinpesä B, 180m2, 4 bedrooms,  max 12 persons

Location: Kätkä

- levinpesa-talo.jpg

Pöllönpesä, 240m2, 5 bedrooms, max 14 persons

Location: Kätkä

Betlevi A,B,C,  300m2, 6-9 bedrooms, max 16-20 persons/cottage

Location:  South piste

- betlevit-ulko.jpg

Hiihtogreeni A-B, 150m2, 7 bedrooms, max 12 persons/apartment

Location: North Eastern slope / golf course

Levi Spirit, 256m2, 4 bedrooms + loft, max 10 persons/apartment

Location: Taalovaara

Levinhuippu, 280m2, 6 bedrooms, max 14 persons

Location: Koutakallio

Best Western apartments Levin Klubi

26,5m2 - 75,5m2, studio - 2 bedrooms, max 6 persons/apartment

Location: North Eastern slope / golf course

- best-western-apartments-snow-white-levin-klubi.jpg

Best Western apartments  Unna&Mànnu

32m2 - 301m2, studio - 4 bedrooms, max 11 persons/apartment

Location: Levi center